Digital Innovation in Sardinia

Sardinia is an Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, inhabited by 1.6 million humans and 4 million sheep, and separated from Italy by a few hundred kilometers of sea. You may have heard of Sardinia as a haven for luxurious tourism, or as an environmentally-preserved landscape, or for its agriculture and traditional … Lire la suite

Digital Innovation in Sardinia: Interview Roberto Spano, Sardex

Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is bustling with ideas and passion when it comes to digital innovation. From social and sustainable innovations to the sharing economy, digital school or high-tech medicine, it is worth taking a deeper look at what is going on there and connecting with its players.

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to interview 5 of its players in a series dedicated to Digital Innovation in Sardinia.

In this interview, we meet Roberto Spano, CEO of Sardex, a local currency launched in 2010, now aggregating more than 2000 members with more than 50 Million euros in transactions realised, and one of three pilot projects in Europe on this front.


The interview is available in video format below or on YouTube and the full text transcript is below, translated in English.

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