Code Girls by Technovation

Women represent less than 10% of developers worldwide, at least in most developed countries (which are those with the worst figures when it comes to gender equality in IT by the way!). In app development, it’s even worse : when Technovation was founded 6 years ago, they estimated that only 4% of app developers were women. … Lire la suite

Coder Dojo Paris

10 days ago I took my two eldest to a Coder Dojo session in Paris. Coder Dojo is a volunteer-led initiative to teach children how to code. Founded in 2011 in Ireland,  it is now a global movement of community based programming clubs for young people.   How does it work ? It was our first … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 7 – Bootstrap & jQuery

More Bootstrap & a flavour of JQuery The assignment in week 7 involved adding some effects to the resume, based on jQuery scripts, such as an interactive, dynamic portfolio of realisations with a hover effect. I guess, I even assume, that the intention behind that was GOOD: give us a flavour of Javascript before fully … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 6 – Bootstrap & CSS

BOOTSTRAP!! Week 6 I discovered Boostrap.     Now THIS is the reason why ALL websites have been looking alike for the past 3 or 4 years ??? Pardon my ignorance, but I didn’t know it! I thought it was a design fad… but never thought that behind the fashion in style there could be a … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 5 – HTML, CSS & Ruby

I’m still late! Struggling to catch up on week-ends, where I feel like I’m turning into a geek spending hours in front of my screen… at 41, it’s quite a strange feeling What did I do this past week? More HTML & CSS: I completed this skill on Codecademy: very proud of myself! (at least … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 4 – GitHub

I’m horribly late on the program! Actually the formula I had subscribed to wasn’t really rich with exercises, and apparently a lot of people complained, so the team at Simplon decided to provide us with a lot more exercises, upgrading us to a much more practical program automatically. Good news, but 4 weeks of exercises … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 3 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 was dedicated to HTML and CSS basics. Although I was quite familiar with the principles, it’s always better to really get yourself doing things. What I really enjoyed is starting to practice with Codecademy: the courses are divided into so many little sections that are each so clearly explained and interactive that progress is … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 2 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 is about to start and I still haven’t finished all the assignments of Week 2 🙁  Considering that 6 months is ~24 weeks, if I start getting late now it’s gonna get tough… Now what do I take from this second week? 2 main points: There were a few resources to start getting … Lire la suite

Why School Is Not Ready For Us, by Jihad Kawas

Jihad Kawas is an 18-year-old Lebanese entrepreneur, founder of Saily, and one of the new Thiel Foundation fellows, winner of a $100,000 tuition to drop school and develop his start-up. His story is worth reading as he taught himself how to code and built his first mobile application by the age of 14, and is … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 1 – HTML

As I live in France, I subscribed to a 6-month online training with Simplon, in partnership with Open Classrooms. I took the simplest formula, online with no additional support, as I’m not really aiming at changing jobs and becoming a full-time developer after that! (At least for now, who knows? :)) The program is kicking … Lire la suite