Learning to code – Week 8 – HTML & CSS

End of Cycle 1 : HTML & CSS Week 8 was the last week of the HTML/CSS cycle. It was about forms, and it was a relief after the Bootstrap headache. Not that forms cannot be complicated, but getting the basics of it is quite accessible, I could even add a simple contact form to my … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 6 – Bootstrap & CSS

BOOTSTRAP!! Week 6 I discovered Boostrap.     Now THIS is the reason why ALL websites have been looking alike for the past 3 or 4 years ??? Pardon my ignorance, but I didn’t know it! I thought it was a design fad… but never thought that behind the fashion in style there could be a … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 5 – HTML, CSS & Ruby

I’m still late! Struggling to catch up on week-ends, where I feel like I’m turning into a geek spending hours in front of my screen… at 41, it’s quite a strange feeling What did I do this past week? More HTML & CSS: I completed this skill on Codecademy: very proud of myself! (at least … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 3 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 was dedicated to HTML and CSS basics. Although I was quite familiar with the principles, it’s always better to really get yourself doing things. What I really enjoyed is starting to practice with Codecademy: the courses are divided into so many little sections that are each so clearly explained and interactive that progress is … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 2 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 is about to start and I still haven’t finished all the assignments of Week 2 🙁  Considering that 6 months is ~24 weeks, if I start getting late now it’s gonna get tough… Now what do I take from this second week? 2 main points: There were a few resources to start getting … Lire la suite