Learning to code – Weeks 14 till the end – Ruby & Rails

Ruby & Rails I’m lagging behind in my posting here as my learning to code was to help me initiate another project I had in mind. I have now started this other project (www.teen-code.com) which – quite logically – is now taking most of my time!       However to complete this blog’s mission … Lire la suite

Learning to code: The 100-day milestone

100 days after I started learning to code, I settled down to reflect on what I had learned till now, where were the difficulties and how was I reacting to the program and to the pedagogy I was exposed to. Remember I’m doing this part-time, in addition to a day-job.   So what was in … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 8 – HTML & CSS

End of Cycle 1 : HTML & CSS Week 8 was the last week of the HTML/CSS cycle. It was about forms, and it was a relief after the Bootstrap headache. Not that forms cannot be complicated, but getting the basics of it is quite accessible, I could even add a simple contact form to my … Lire la suite