Learning to code: The 100-day milestone

100 days after I started learning to code, I settled down to reflect on what I had learned till now, where were the difficulties and how was I reacting to the program and to the pedagogy I was exposed to. Remember I’m doing this part-time, in addition to a day-job.   So what was in … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Weeks 9 to 13 – Javascript

JAVASCRIPT   I’m just coming out of 5 weeks dedicated to Javascript. Did I complain about Bootstrap? Now that was nothing compared to the headaches I’ve had since attacking Javascript! Why is that??? I’m the first one to wonder, since Javascript seems to be presented everywhere on the web as an easy and playful language… … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 8 – HTML & CSS

End of Cycle 1 : HTML & CSS Week 8 was the last week of the HTML/CSS cycle. It was about forms, and it was a relief after the Bootstrap headache. Not that forms cannot be complicated, but getting the basics of it is quite accessible, I could even add a simple contact form to my … Lire la suite