Learning to code – Week 2 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 is about to start and I still haven’t finished all the assignments of Week 2 🙁  Considering that 6 months is ~24 weeks, if I start getting late now it’s gonna get tough

Now what do I take from this second week? 2 main points:

  • There were a few resources to start getting familiar with html and css; nothing especially new to me in theory, but I’ve never really gone beyond the first basic exercises till now, so we’ll see later in the program what to do with these. A tutorial I liked very much as an introduction to CSS is this one by Jake Wright, 12 mn to learn CSS: I did it step by step and how a CSS works became much clearer to me at the end!
  • I got to learn some vocabulary! Git, GitHub, shell, Bash
 I had never heard – or paid attention – to these before! A new world is unfolding
🙂 Now more seriously, I went through this Git and GitHub tutorial done by Le Wagon (in French), which made those new tools a bit more tangible to me, except that the video lasts 1,5 hours but it took me around 4,5 hours to reproduce everything explained in it

Getting to manipulate Git and GitHub was very interesting, as I finally got to understand *in practice* how do open-source projects get forked, how so many developers can work and contribute to the same project, etc
 Understanding things in theory is never equal to practice, as stupid as it may sound to say it.

However I’m not yet ecstatic at the sight of so many lines of code
 will that change in a few months? Wait and see!


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