Learning to code – Week 1 – HTML

As I live in France, I subscribed to a 6-month online training with Simplon, in partnership with Open Classrooms.

I took the simplest formula, online with no additional support, as I’m not really aiming at changing jobs and becoming a full-time developer after that! (At least for now, who knows? :))

The program is kicking off quietly, as the first week was about “understanding the web”: history, basic notions… Till now, it’s ok, I get it!

Some additional resources include an introduction to Git and GitHub: hmmm… it’s getting complicated. I guess learning by doing is the best way, so we’ll see in the coming weeks how to deal with that!


Next article: Learning to code – Week 2 – HTML & CSS

(This article was initially published on the blog momslearningtocode.com, now closed)

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