Code Girls by Technovation

Women represent less than 10% of developers worldwide, at least in most developed countries (which are those with the worst figures when it comes to gender equality in IT by the way!). In app development, it’s even worse : when Technovation was founded 6 years ago, they estimated that only 4% of app developers were women. … Lire la suite

Coder Dojo Paris

10 days ago I took my two eldest to a Coder Dojo session in Paris. Coder Dojo is a volunteer-led initiative to teach children how to code. Founded in 2011 in Ireland,  it is now a global movement of community based programming clubs for young people.   How does it work ? It was our first … Lire la suite

Learning to code: Why?

Hi! I’m 41, a digital marketer, a former Chief Digital Officer, mother of 3 children aged 13, 9 & 6, and I can’t code. It wasn’t really a problem until now, although my job has been about digital marketing and digital innovation for years. With basic notions of HTML and the help of WordPress and … Lire la suite