Learning to code – Week 7 – Bootstrap & jQuery

More Bootstrap & a flavour of JQuery

The assignment in week 7 involved adding some effects to the resume, based on jQuery scripts, such as an interactive, dynamic portfolio of realisations with a hover effect.

I guess, I even assume, that the intention behind that was GOOD: give us a flavour of Javascript before fully attacking the subject (that would start in week 9).

Unfortunately, it had quite the opposite effect on me!

I mean, guys, remember the context: what you have here is not a geeky teenager, nor a would-be developer doing this 12 hours a day, but a normal – <em>normal</em> – person trying quite hard to learn some coding besides her day job, family life, daily commuting time, and so on.

And you really think that having assignments with JQuery scripts to integrate, and not an ounce of explanation, would do the job??

I was quite depressed trying hard to understand the solution provided by the Simplon team, even trying to reproduce it without understanding it. No way. It simply wouldn’t work!!

So I went exploring the Internet for bits of solutions here and there, and finally found a real nice guy who saved my a.., at least for 2 parts of the exercise: the dynamic portfolio and the Quicksand effect! A great step-by-step tutorial by Stewart Doxey on the Evoluted website explaining simple data filtering using jQuery.


Evoluted jQuery tutorial
Evoluted jQuery tutorial


I finally managed to add these effects to my resume, at the price of much more hours spent on the web than initially planned for this exercise.


Momcoding resume with jQuery effects
Momcoding resume with jQuery effects


I guess I understood 80% of what I finally did, which uplifted my mood a little bit… but what’s really the point proceeding this way? I mean from a teaching point of view?

More on this in a few posts, when I’ll reflect on the first 2 months of learning from a student’s point of view.


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