Learning to code – Week 3 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 was dedicated to HTML and CSS basics. Although I was quite familiar with the principles, it’s always better to really get yourself doing things. What I really enjoyed is starting to practice with Codecademy: the courses are divided into so many little sections that are each so clearly explained and interactive that progress is … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 2 – HTML & CSS

Week 3 is about to start and I still haven’t finished all the assignments of Week 2 🙁  Considering that 6 months is ~24 weeks, if I start getting late now it’s gonna get tough… Now what do I take from this second week? 2 main points: There were a few resources to start getting … Lire la suite

Learning to code – Week 1 – HTML

As I live in France, I subscribed to a 6-month online training with Simplon, in partnership with Open Classrooms. I took the simplest formula, online with no additional support, as I’m not really aiming at changing jobs and becoming a full-time developer after that! (At least for now, who knows? :)) The program is kicking … Lire la suite

Learning to code: Why?

Hi! I’m 41, a digital marketer, a former Chief Digital Officer, mother of 3 children aged 13, 9 & 6, and I can’t code. It wasn’t really a problem until now, although my job has been about digital marketing and digital innovation for years. With basic notions of HTML and the help of WordPress and … Lire la suite