Learning to code: Why?


I’m 41, a digital marketer, a former Chief Digital Officer, mother of 3 children aged 13, 9 & 6, and I can’t code. It wasn’t really a problem until now, although my job has been about digital marketing and digital innovation for years. With basic notions of HTML and the help of WordPress and caring relatives (my deeeear husband…), I have been able to manage a few personal blogs, and at work, it was never a problem since there was always somebody in charge of technical developments.

Yet, recently, I’ve become very preoccupied with this issue.

Why? Because my children are not showing any interest in the matter, although my son can rightfully be qualified as a “geek”, and my 2 daughters, one of them being very creative and curious, don’t feel attracted to this universe, like most girls, unfortunately.

Given the ever-rising importance of technology in an ever-more connected world, I do believe that learning to code should become as natural as learning to speak English for non-natives… not a skill everybody needs to master, but at least be familiar with and be able to practice.

How to tackle this?

I decided to take on a 6-month online training to learn how to code, and explore what works and what doesn’t in and around digital school initiatives that are bursting everywhere …

This is the beginning of my journey!


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(This article was initially published on the blog momslearningtocode.com, now closed)

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