Programmation / Learning to Code

Programmation / Learning to Code

Mom’s Learning to Code: From padawan to junior developer in 6-months?

Mom's Learning to Code

The articles below were initially published on the blog, now closed. I documented on this blog how I learned to code in 6 months and my feelings & learnings at each stage.

If you’re short of time, I would recommend reading first « Learning to code – The 100-day milestone » for lessons learned and insights on how to build your own learning program.



Coding is definitely a « language » I would recommend everyone to learn, especially if you’re not in IT or in a technical job. If I could do it, you can too !

It led me to found Teen-Code, programming workshops & courses for teenagers & adult beginners. I even created a beginner’s course to Android app development on Udemy, based on MIT’s App Inventor. Check it out !

Cours Youmna Ovazza sur Udemy
Création d’applications mobiles pour débutants sur Android – sur Udemy